Summer Classes

While high school students are preparing for final exams and counting down the days until summer break, college students are facing the terrible reality of summer classes.

Whether you’re required to take a summer semester by your college, you’re trying to catch up on classes, you’re trying to safe your GPA, or your housing is 12 months so you’ve already paid to stay by school, summer classes are a unique experience.

The one week break between finals and the beginning of summer semester is a beautiful tease, until you realize that you’re now back to the grind, but also have to try and find a summer job and achieve that summer body you were suppose to get over winter break.

I am currently trying to start reading my tech book for my developmental psychology class, but my brain is just refusing. It wants more than just a one week break before I have to go back to studying and reading, especially since this is a full semester course crammed into 6 weeks. I also just got into a humanities class that I was waitlisted for, so yay that I can get that class over,  but boo that I’ll have another class to work on!

Good luck to everyone taking summer classes! And to everyone who isn’t, I HATE YOU!


God bless,

Tee xoxo


Please Please Donate If Possible!

Hey y’all,

So you may or may not have read one of my previous posts titled: Never Take Anything For Granted. In that post I discussed a motorcycle accident that greatly effected the community I live in, the University of Central Florida. An acquaintance and fellow student at the university was in a life altering accident and has now under gone multiple surgeries. His life will forever be changed by this accident as it has taken his legs.

The student in the accident is in a fraternity called Phi Delta Theta, I know that many people have preconceived views of fraternities, that the guys are all assholes, all they do is drink, they’re trouble, they don’t care about their grades or community. After getting to know the guys in Phi Delt, I can tell you that those beliefs are 100% incorrect. The young men in this fraternity are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. After their brothers terrible accident they all rallied around him, creating a GoFundMe for his family to help with he expensive medical costs.

Another brother of Phi Delta Theta was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer and will need 16 weeks of chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove the rest of the tumor. Just like with their other brother, a GoFundMe was created to help raise money for the treatment. I don’t understand why these tragedies are happening to such amazing people and an amazing chapter.

I am asking anyone who is reading this from the bottom of my heart to please donate to these causes if you are able you! If these tough economic times make you unable to donate then please share their GoFundMe links!

Radley Gillis’ Medical Fund

Andrew’s Fight Against Cancer

Thank you and God bless,

Tee xoxo


The Struggles of Signing Up for Classes

Hey Y’all,

So if you or anyone you know is in college right now, we’re currently going through the stressful process of signing up for classes. After Spring semester of freshman year, most students are able to sign up for Summer, Fall, and Spring semester all at once. It sounds exciting, but its actually terrifying; I mean a group of people who can barely plan what they’ll have for dinner tonight have to plan the next three semesters of their lives. Here is what signing up for classes is really like.

So, you just got an automatic email from your advisor reminding you that you can sign up for classes soon.


Now you go see when your enrollment date is and either cheer, or curse yourself for being a freshman and/or having bad grades and getting a late enrollment date.


Time to google the course catalog for your maor to see what classes you need and then be really upset when you notice how many hard classes are coming your way. This will be the first time you contemplate dropping out.


You soon realize that you need college, so you start to search for classes, ask friends which classes they’ll be taking, and plan around all the important times of the week such as Happy Hour every Friday from 3-7 pm, Ladies Night on Monday’s, and of course no classes before 10 am becuase who can function properly that early???


Now you wait, and wait, and wait until it’s your time to enroll. You set an alarm the day before, and when it’s time you log in and hover over the enroll button until it’s time.


FINALLY, you push the enroll button and…

you can’t get into two classes, you’re wait listed for three, and the only classes you can sign up for are electives or GEPs.


Quickly, you try to sign up for the classes you need before they fill up, constantly checking the days and times your enrolling in. After a few breakdowns, contemplations of dropping out, deciding if you should switch majors, and one crying call to mom, you’re now enrolled in an 8 am class, a couple night classes, one online class, and the perfect schedule that you created for the three semesters is ruined.


But hey, at least now you have a reason to go crazy at Pub’s free drinks till midnight!