Summer Classes

While high school students are preparing for final exams and counting down the days until summer break, college students are facing the terrible reality of summer classes.

Whether you’re required to take a summer semester by your college, you’re trying to catch up on classes, you’re trying to safe your GPA, or your housing is 12 months so you’ve already paid to stay by school, summer classes are a unique experience.

The one week break between finals and the beginning of summer semester is a beautiful tease, until you realize that you’re now back to the grind, but also have to try and find a summer job and achieve that summer body you were suppose to get over winter break.

I am currently trying to start reading my tech book for my developmental psychology class, but my brain is just refusing. It wants more than just a one week break before I have to go back to studying and reading, especially since this is a full semester course crammed into 6 weeks. I also just got into a humanities class that I was waitlisted for, so yay that I can get that class over,  but boo that I’ll have another class to work on!

Good luck to everyone taking summer classes! And to everyone who isn’t, I HATE YOU!


God bless,

Tee xoxo


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