The BEST Website To Buy Stickers For Your Laptop

If you or anyone you know is a college student, then you are used to seeing laptops COVERED in stickers, whether they have to do with tv shows, greek life, school pride, politics *shudders*, or just hobbies.

I love buying my tickets from Reb Bubble, all of the stickers are designed by artists who get money from the purchases, and they always have a deal that after you buy 4 stickers they’re all 25% off and if you buy 10 or more, they’re all 50% off. I mea who can refuse those deals??

I have to admit that I am addicted to this website, even when I’m not buying stickers I like to just browse. The stickers I have include: a golden UCF logo, “do good”, “hold on i see a dog.”, mickey ears, Kourtney Kardashian “get over yourself”, a pug, sweet tea, chick fil a, Michael Scott “I am dead inside”, Bob’s burger family, birkenstocks, “yer a wizard”, “naps”, “wine about it”, stethoscope “future nurse”, a cat, and “God is within her she will not fall”.

Below I’ve posted some varieties of the stickers they have. Be sure to check out this amazing website!!

Stickers for…

God bless,

Tee xoxo


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