Motivation Wall

As summer approaches and class loads get lighter, I have decided to get serious about weight loss and living a healthier life style. Not only to hated a body that I feel more comfortable showing off, but a body that I feel good in. Throughout the school year I have had a trainer, but we only meet twice a week and that is pretty much all the working out I would do. I decided to make a motivation wall and thought that I would share it with y’all incased any of you are in the same boat as me.

To help reach my goal over the summer I am increasing my training sessions to 3 times a week, eating healthier, cutting out certain foods from my diet, doing yoga on Sunday’s, and trying to workout on the days that I don’t meet with my trainer.

Here’s a list of what I posted on my motivation wall:

  • I will NOT
    • eat out of boredom
    • emotionally eat
    • eat after 8 pm
    • add salt or sugar
    • drink calories
    • eat candy/ fried food
    • skip breakfast
    • eat more than 2 fistfuls at one sitting
  • will it be easy? nope. worth it? absolutely!
  • willpower
  • fit is the shit
  • never forget why you started
  • don’t be lazy!
  • drink more water
  • no excuses
  • 21 days NO
    • candy
    • cakes
    • chips
    • white bread
    • fast food
    • chocolate
    • ice cream
  • sweat is fat crying
  • choice: sore or sorry
  • goal: 115 lbs
  • you’re one day closer
  • sweat is pretty
  • non gym days
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 20 push ups
    • 20 crunches
    • 20 squats
  • keep going!
  • eat better, feel better, look better
  • just do it
  • if not now… when?
  • mind over matter

I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my progress! And good luck on your own fitness journeys too!

God bless,

Tee xoxo


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