Why I Love Dad Bods

Dad bods: a male figure that says, yes I sometimes workout, but I also never miss happy hour or half off wing Wednesday.

Dad bods have recently become most girls new favorite body type. While some girls still fantasize about a 6 foot something male model with abs that you can grate cheese on, others are rejoicing over the much more realistic dad bod.

Girls are going crazy for dad bods because they’re normal, and much less intimidating than a guy who never misses a day at the gym and could easily be on the cover of GQ. I’m not trying to say that guys with dad bods aren’t as attractive as the gym rats, because honestly I find them more attractive. The fact they don’t have a “perfect” body makes them so much more approachable, and takes the stress off of girls to all look  like Victoria’s Secret models.

I’ve always been self-conscious about my body, especially since society always said that skinny is beautiful, but now dad bods are making people realize that you don’t have to look like a model to be attractive. Talking to guys is already nerve wrecking without them looking like they belong in Paris Fashion Week.

I’m so happy that dad bods are a thing and I hope they never change. I mean not only do they make me feel okay about not looking like Miranda Kerr, but they help you know what your possible boyfriend will look like when he’s older.

God bless you and dad bods,

Tee xoxo


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