Never Take Anything for Granted

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a thousands times, “Don’t take anything for granted.”, “You’re never guaranteed tomorrow.”, “Live everyday like it’s your last.” Well recently I was rudely awaken to how true those cliche sayings all are.

It started on Tuesday night when my roommate texted me that her very close friend had been in an accident while driving home. I knew he drove a motorcycle, so I was worried about what could’ve happened. She came into my room in tears because there were no details yet, but we both just figured that he hit a puddle and skidded off his bike. After texting some friends of hers that were already at the hospital she asked me if I could drive her there, she was in no condition to drive herself and this wasn’t a time for her to be alone.

Shortly after we arrived at the hospital, some friends came down to meet us at the entrance of the Emergency entrance of the hospital. After close, tight hugs we made our way up to where everyone else was waiting. As soon as we stepped into the waiting room it was evident that this was way more serious than either of us had realized. The group of normally lively college students was silent, not one person on their phones, but all consoling one another with teary eyes.

It was quickly revealed that the victim was lucky to be alive right now, and had his friend not have been driving behind him at the time and reacted as quickly as he did, he would’ve been dead. Her friend would recover, but he would never be the same, physically and emotionally, and would have to undergo countless hours of critical surgeries. We stayed there until they kicked us out because they needed the waiting room for other patients that would be coming in for scheduled surgeries, after all, there were around 50 of us there to support his brother and parents during this difficult time. We had a prayer circle before leaving and then were all on our way, many with plans to return in a few hours.

I know what you’re all probably thinking, motorcycles are dangerous, it’s no wonder that he crashed, but he’d been raised on bikes, he’d rode them his whole life. To him driving a bike was like driving a car for anyone else. It just goes tot show that these things really can happen to anyone, but no one realizes that util it happens in your community.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t hold grudges, hug everyone a little tighter, and if you have something to tell someone, say it. You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to live the rest of your live filled with “I wish I…”. So call your family, apologize for a stupid fight, smile at strangers, and count your blessings every night.

God bless,

Tee xoxo


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